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Top 5 Exercises to Gain Muscle Mass

Let's agree; it can be frustrating slaving away at the gym and not seeing results. Often people hurriedly scramble from one exercise to the other without a second thought towards compound exercises. Looking for the best exercises, that can help you build your muscles? Well, here are the top 5 exercises to gain muscle mass.

1. Squats

This exercise is the king; it does not cause the body to respond releasing a burst of anabolic hormones, but also incorporates the entire lower body. Squats are physically demanding, and will stimulate appetite and the muscle growth you need. However, unless performed properly, squats can place stress and harsh compression on the joints and spine.

Always, warm up with weights you are comfortable with, and when possible always have a spotter with you. Ensure you're arching your back when you pick the weight to the time you rack it back. Besides, keep your shoulders and legs wide –apart and eyes pointing straight ahead. Flex and tighten your glutes and abs throughout the movement.

Never reach a dead stop. As soon as you approach the bottom of the movement, squeeze your glutes and use them to power yourself up for the next rap. Here is a video showing you how to do a proper squat with weights.

Do You Want Bigger Muscles?

2. Deadlifts

Deadlifts should be done on the day you that you work your back. It's an excellent movement for overall building thickness and strength in the mid to lower portion of your back. It's recommended to get a decent set of lifting wraps so as to ensure full back exhaustion.

Unless properly performed it can also be dangerous. Besides most people do deadlift with straight legs, and that causes major back injury. Be sure to bend your knees slowly to about 30 degrees towards your feet. You should not squeeze your shoulders blades together until the end of the movement. Your head should be aligned with your spine.

3. Bench Press

It's the best hands down, mass building exercise for the chest. Ensure your elbows are in position, and move about 45 degrees out from the body during the movement, to reduce the risk of rotator cuff injuries.

4. Military Press

In case you want to work your shoulders, it's time to make military press your best friend. It's excellent for getting a thick and wide look up top. Preferably do this by pressing the weight behind the neck, not from the front and ensure your elbows are back throughout. Take a grip a bit wider than shoulder width apart, after warm up. Keep your arms in a straight line as the bar rises. Always tighten your core as you press.

5. Straight Leg Deadlifts

This is a simple movement but can be disturbing if you are not aware of your form. Like regular deadlift, keep your lower back arched, head back and chest up. Stick your butt out, bending at the hip.

Always remember that machines aren't completely arbitrary. Besides, they are an excellent complement to these heavy compound movements. If you incorporate these exercises into your workout and emphasize on them, you will get the best out of it. Start these workouts today and become the next success story.